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If you’ve ever touched a computer, then chances are you know who Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is. In 2020, this multinational IT company packed up boxes and started work on a new, state-of-the-art headquarters. Construction of this astonishing campus took place over the next two years, spanning two five-story buildings and a 440,000-square-foot rentable space.

Located in Spring, Texas, HPE’s new campus has become a high-tech haven for visitors and over 2,200 HPE team members. i.e. Smart Systems was tasked with crafting an interactive and immersive space, spotlighting HPE’s industry-leading capabilities while delivering a unique and memorable experience.

Image by PDR
Image by PDR

The new headquarters is a striking achievement – visually reinforcing HPE’s status as a global technology pioneer with just a glance. Void Acoustics takes this a step further by replicating the same striking experience acoustically.

Void Acoustics’ high-spec sound systems populate the dynamic outdoor space around the campus, featuring a central courtyard housing a popular sports bar, a sleek basketball pavilion and a mesmerising 100ft x 40ft multiuse screen.

Delivering Enterprise-Grade Audio in Style

Designed and constructed during COVID, HPE wanted its new home to have hybrid working cemented in its foundations, providing an empowering space that enables its people to do their best work.

This meant fostering a collaborative space for individuals and teams. The headquarters boasts more than 70 meeting rooms and flexible spaces to facilitate creativity, collaboration and effective communication. The building also prioritises wellness, with convenient access to an on-site fitness centre, a pharmacy, a doctor's office, and a cafeteria offering first-class meals prepared by a team of in-house executive chefs.

HPE’s focus on building a positive space for its team didn’t stop inside the headquarters. They envisioned an experience-driven outdoor space where visitors could seamlessly transition from a relaxing environment at the sports bar to a venue capable of hosting large-scale events.

This space facilitates a range of activities powered by Void Acoustics’ unforgettable sounds, from delivering the soundtrack for intense games on the basketball court to Void subwoofers pounding the bass into hotly contested gaming tournaments at the sports bar.

When outlining the brief for the outdoor space, i.e. Smart Systems knew HPE needed sound at scale to cut through the hustle and bustle of a busy campus. Void Acoustics was the answer.

Impressed by the quality and sleek design of Void speakers observed at a local restaurant in Houston, i.e. Smart Systems recommended Void to HPE. Void's audio surpassed all expectations for sound quality and perfectly complemented the modern, high-tech aesthetic of the HPE headquarters.

Image by Scott McDonald
Image by Scott McDonald

Another Resounding Success for Void’s Systems

The installation was seamless, with the primary challenge centred around delivering punchy, powerful sound in a busy outdoor environment without ever compromising on fidelity. Some speakers had to be strategically mounted around a glass walkway beneath the massive 100ft x 40ft screen, presenting a unique challenge that was expertly navigated by i.e. Smart Systems’ installation team.

The result was a seamlessly integrated audio system that met and exceeded the project's objectives. The HPE headquarters opened with Void Acoustics' cutting-edge speakers, contributing to the creation of a vibrant and atmospheric space for the campus.

The basketball court sports two Nexus 6s, two subwoofers and a pair of Air Vantage speakers for fill. HPE’s enormous 100ft x 40ft screen in the central courtyard needed a sound system that matched the sheer scale of its visuals. The screen is flanked by a pair of Nexus 6 speakers that smash any volume expectations. Finally, the lively sports bar sits at the heart of HPE’s outdoor space, hosting two subwoofers and a set of Tri Motion speakers from our Air series.

Smashing Expectations for HP’s HQ

Image by Mark Scheyer Photography
Image by Mark Scheyer Photography

Over a year since HPE opened the doors to its new headquarters in mid-2022, Void’s speakers have continued to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from HPE.

"Void’s speakers sounded exceptional – the subwoofers are amazing. When we were doing initial sound checks, we turned the sound up to the max, and you could hear it a mile away. It was so loud that the Earth was shaking. I’d heard Void speakers before, but not in an outdoor space. We were freaking out about how impressive the sound was when we did the outdoor test."

Jeff Vinklarek, Senior Vice President – Professional Services for i.e. Smart Systems

This project with i.e. Smart Systems for HPE was a standout success. The installation speaks for itself by showcasing Void's ability to deliver robust, high-quality audio solutions in the corporate space.

Watch i.e. Smart Systems showcase of HPE’s campus.

Images Courtesy Mark Scheyer Photography, FROM THE WIRE@SVCONLINE, PDR & Scott McDonald

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