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Our Story

We pursue the future of sound through obsessive technical innovation and extraordinary design aesthetics. Our products create the opportunity to move people through unforgettable, immersive sound.


The Foundation

Void Acoustics was founded by Rog Mogale and Alex Skan and released its first products the Static 3 and Static 5. The first ever club to feature a Void system was the Tavern in Blackpool, UK in 2002.


Expansion Time

Void Expands into a second warehouse unit, releases a new product called the Static Compact and had its first overseas install at Rush, Antigua.


Distributors, Shows and the R&D Lab

The company's first distributors are from Greece, Norway and Ireland and trade shows in London and Germany experience Void for the first time. Co-founder Rog sets up an R&D lab in Asia and new product releases include Impulse, Infinite and Stasys series.


Fibreglass, changing the industry forever.

The first year of the iconic Air Motion which led to the future direction of the company. A new radical product launch with the Paraflex System and many other new product releases including Xsys, Basys, Kryo, Mycro and additions to the Stasys series.


Airten and Hi Profile installs

Another busy year as Void takes on many new distributors and products are installed in super clubs like BCM in Magaluf, Mallorca. A busy year for new product launches too with the Airten and Viper series. Whilst the Stasys 3 gets a revision to mk2 and the Psyco Sub gets unleashed into the world.


A Big Year of Change

This was the year the company logo changed and even more expansion took place with another warehouse. Worldwide distribution increased with AIS (now Pineapple Audio) from Chicago, USA joining the list and the company's first line array products, Arcline 6 and Arcline S launched. The Void 'Dome' made its first appearance at PLASA London as did the Stasys XV1.


Infinitely Better

The V2 series of Infinite amplifiers were released this year alongside the first product to feature HTT (heat transference technology) called Arcline X. High profile club installs continued including Matter at the O2 Arena, London and the first Dirtybird event was powered by Void.


The Installation Boom

A busy year for new club installs worldwide with Void products reaching more destinations than ever. The Stasys touring series saw new additions including Prime, Phil and 5 mk2, whilst the Psyco Sub was revised to V2 and the Arcline 12 joined the companies line array solutions.


Ibiza and the Culture Clashes

Void emerged as a major supplier to Ibiza, the clubbing capital of the world with the legendary DC 10, Bora Bora and Sands installing Void systems. Other hi profile club installs included Air - Amsterdam, Barasti - Dubai and Tantra - India. A long-standing relationship with the Red Bull Culture Clashes began at the Roundhouse, London. 


A Brighter Outlook

The first year Void systems could be found at the Outlook and Dimensions festivals in Croatia. More high profile club installations including both rooms of Sankeys - Ibiza, all 3 floors of Vanity - Germany and Monarch - USA. The first Mixmag LAB in London was powered by Void which went on to see LABs in NYC, Sydney, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Johannesburg and the multi venue Smirnoff Sound Collective all receive Void systems.


Upping the Game

A massive year which saw the move into a new factory with CNC automated machinery and 2 polyurea spray machines. The début of Incubus at the Frankfurt PL&S in March and systems were supplied to the London Olympics. More notable worldwide installs took place including Ocean Beach - Ibiza, Playground - UK and Primary - USA. The second Red Bull culture clash took place at Wembley Arena London to an audience of 20,000 people and saw Void win the clash with a system of Arcline 12's and Stasys XV1's.


Super Club Installs in Overdrive

A very busy year for international super club installations with the legendary Tresor Club in Berlin installing a Void system in both its rooms. Installations of Incubus took place at Eden - Ibiza, Versuz - Belgium and a contest between The Castle - Chicago and Monasterio - Moscow took place with both vying for the prestigious title of 'first Incubus install'. The busy year continued with what must be a world record of new product releases by one designer of Nexus 6, Psyco X, Stasys X V2, Stasys X Air, Tri Motion and the Venu V1 series.


Big Stages Beckon

Major events using a Void system in 2014 included the Red Bull Culture Clash with 25,000 in attendance at Earls Court Arena London, four stages at Boomtown Festival UK and three stages at Outlook and Dimensions Festivals in Croatia (with one of the stages being named 'The Void'). Additionally, there were three stages at Pleinvrees festival in The Netherlands and Notting Hill Carnival, London featured two static stages in addition to six floats featuring Void systems. Hi profile installs include Afrobar - Italy, Mode - London, Studio 338 - London, Tesla - Hungary and The Church in Denver USA.


See Through Speakers

The Frankfurt PL&S show saw 5 new product launches and Rog presenting for the infamous video about the new Nexus X and Q, where he says the Nexus Q is the world's first see through speaker and explains it's radical new pressure gradient porting technology. Other releases at the show were Air Vantage, Arcline 8 and Cyclone Bass. Major installs include ARC - Japan, Cocoon - South Korea, Main Room - Mexico, Omni - Taiwan, Skala Bielefeld - Germany and The Supperclub - Amsterdam.


Arcline 8 Hits Hard

Following the previous years launch of the Arcline 8, many touring companies included it in their rental stock and provided systems for stages around the world. Notable events included Boomtown UK, Outlook and Dimensions festivals Croatia, Tokyo World UK and Notting Hill Carnival, with Void having supplied many of the biggest systems seen at the event since 2004. Hi Profile club installs include BO18 - Lebanon, Ethics - Texas USA, Flux - South Korea, Hooky Texas USA, Iris - Vietnam, KOR - Taiwan, Sankeys East - UK and ZU - Mongolia, with many of the Southern US installs performed by the award winning Diavolo Systems.


Club Mania

A year that saw a record amount of new club installs using Void. Distribution is now in every corner of the world and Adidas commission a custom system for their 'Do Over' events. The number of very high profile club and venue installs is diverse and include Blitz - Munich Germany, The Globe Theatre LA USA, Ibiza Rocks - Ibiza, Ice Factory - Australia, Kyo - Malaysia, Pikes - Ibiza, Printworks - London UK, Spire - Houston USA and The Santrian - Indonesia. Void systems could be found on three stages at Glastonbury festival UK, which were the Love Bullets Stage, Croissant Neuf Stage and the Clash Stage. The Chemical Brothers also used a Void system as did stages at the Parookaville festival Germany.

Photo © Simon Vorhammer



A bumper year for exhibitions with Void taking part in NAMM, LDI and InfoComm in the US and shows in Germany, India and Spain. The festival season was mega busy with events powered by Void including deadmau5 at the Verti Music Hall Berlin, Phoenix Festival - Switzerland, Insanity Festival - Germany, Untold Festival - Romania, MTV Raps - Brooklyn NY and Dirtybird events across the US. The UK also experienced Void at Boomtown, Glastonbury, Bestival, Restricted Forest, Sequences, Wonder Fields and many more events. Studio 338 in London reopens and Sven Vath headlines and people from around the world flock to Manchester UK for the Arcline 8 demo day. New products released were the ArcM monitors and Bias Q2, Q5 and D1 amplifiers.


Event Horizon

Many high profile club installs took place in Asia including the Sel Octagon - Tokyo Japan, Lit Station - China and Zouk Genting - Malaysia. It was also busy on the events front with even more being powered by Void around the world. Notable events include the last ever Taste The Punch at Carnival Arts UK, Electric Castle - Romania, AIM Festival - Canada, Reveilloz - Brazil, Feel Festival - Germany, Paradiso - USA, Tribal Gathering - Panama, Lost In Paradise - Goa India and a host of events across the UK. Product demo days were held in Glasgow and Cardiff and Void sponsored the Take Note Academy.

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