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Hear. Feel. Connect.

We pursue the future of sound through obsessive technical innovation and extraordinary design aesthetics. Our products create the opportunity to move people through unforgettable, immersive sound. 

What makes us different

We understand music at every level – composing, producing and engineering. Drawing on this diverse musical experience, every audio product we create originates from the desire to enhance the symbiotic connection between the audience and the music – that’s what we’re here for.

Many high-end manufacturers can produce products that create a great sound; we go beyond that, using our intimate connection with music to touch your soul.

Rog Mogale, Creative Director

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How listeners respond to music shapes every design decision we make.

We are known globally for sonic and visual innovation, designing, manufacturing and distributing advanced professional audio systems for both the installed and live sound environments. Our evolved series of audio solutions includes power amplifiers, loudspeaker systems and accessories.

From humble beginnings to global
brand recognition

Creative Director, Rog Mogale and Managing Director, Alex Skan originally met in the ’90s. Both avid music fans with a passion for sound system design, their paths had crossed at numerous music events over the years. In 2002, the pair decided to join forces and set out to form a manufacturing company that would create a unique catalogue of high-end products like nothing else available in the audio market. While great sounding loudspeakers already existed, they all looked the same. Rog and Alex saw a gap in the market to design loudspeakers with an aesthetic appeal that equally matched the highest quality of sound. 

From this humble origin, Void has come to be a globally-recognised sound system brand. The signature, high-gloss red fibreglass products are distinctly recognisable as Void and well sought-after by venue owners and event organisers worldwide. Colours can be customised to any RAL colour to match any colour scheme. The end result is a winning Void sound system that both atmospherically and visually enhances a venue.

As a passion-driven business, our brand is founded on our love for speaker systems, music and design.

Nothing beats looking out across a shared space and seeing those present immersed in an all-encompassing sound that’s of such a high quality, it makes everyone listening feel alive. Whether it’s a handful of people gathered in a demo room, a class of students hungry to learn in an auditorium, or a high-energy party vibe on a packed dance floor, we get that kick every time we see one of our sound systems bringing people together.

Our customers are our lifeblood

We value our customers and do our utmost to ensure that the right support is in place throughout the customer journey. From your initial enquiry, to the aftercare support once your Void system has been installed, we are there every step of the way.

We’ll help you with the decision-making process so that you can rest assured you have the ideal audio solution to meet your needs.

Sound systems
as art forms

We love creating one-of-a-kind colour schemes on systems that become a talking point for how they look, as well as how they sound.

All of our fibreglass products can be customised to exactly match your desired colour scheme, or contrastingly complement a venue’s interior design or branding.

Our bespoke RAL colour service includes 70 different metallic options, in addition to the standard matt and gloss-finish colours. We also take special orders for colour-customised bracing on our low frequency enclosures and it is possible to choose different coloured laminate plywood exteriors on the Venu and Stasys ranges.

Our talented team of experienced engineers, craftsmen and support staff are hands on and dedicated to our customers.

We’re proud to have a strong Void team working together behind-the-scenes to design, manufacture and distribute advanced professional audio systems for both the installed and live sound market sectors. We keep it tight-knit so we can manage the process end-to-end, from that initial spark of a creative idea, to sealing the packaging on a beautifully crafted product that’s ready to be shipped around the world. 

Join our Void family

If you’re passionate about bringing the greatest sound experiences to others and want to join our dedicated team, we would love to hear from you. We have a wide range of career paths at Void, including roles in Sales, Marketing, Business Logistics, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Engineering, Design and Distribution. If we don’t currently have a suitable vacancy advertised, email your CV to info@voidacoustics.com with the subject heading ‘Prospective CV’ and one of the team will be in touch.

Let’s talk

Whether you need to discuss an idea for an installation, are seeking a quote, or need some assistance with getting the most out of your Void system, we’re here to help.

Looking to hire or buy Void products?

We have a global network of distributors and dealers. Our Void specialists directory is where you can find your local Void specialist. Simply search for your country and you’ll instantly have all the contact details relevant to your local area.

Want to be a distributor for a new region?

If you are keen to join the Void family and be a distributor or dealer for Void products,
please use the following contacts relevant for your location:

For UK, Europe and Asia Pacific, contact:

Void Acoustics Research Limited,
Unit 15, Dawkins Road Industrial Estate,
BH15 4JY
United Kingdom

Call: +44(0) 1202 666006
Email: sales@voidacoustics.com

For North America and South America, contact:

Void Acoustics North America
Call: +1 503 854 7134
Email: sales.usa@voidacoustics.com

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