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Studio 338, nestled in the bustling streets of East London, has been a top destination for clubbers worldwide since opening in 2014. Boasting one of Europe’s largest terraced areas, the club is equipped to host a massive variety of music and entertainment events.

Void Acoustics has been a part of Studio 338’s sound system since the club’s inception. The relationship between Void and Studio 338 runs deep, with Void working closely with the club’s team through multiple incarnations of the outdoor terrace, including after a fire in 2016 triggered a year-long rebuild of the venue.

A Story of Ups and Downs

Before Studio 338's current setup, the venue had undergone several transformations. Void’s audio solutions have been a component of the club dating back to 2014 when Studio 338 approached the team to design a sound system for its temporary outdoor structure.

The Studio 338 and Void Acoustics partnership was born out of Studio 338’s Music and Events Director Dan Perrin’s recommendation, having experienced Void’s sound system at DC10 and other venues. He invited the team to pitch for the sound redesign at Studio 338.

Void Acoustics provided a proof of concept for a solution for the temporary marquee to help improve the space’s soundproofing. The Studio 338 team were impressed by Void’s ability to provide a high sound pressure level (SPL) that didn’t disturb the neighbours.

Dan Perrin collaborated closely with Void, employing innovative solutions to ensure a harmonious blend of music and community. Void's Nexus 6 array delivered unparalleled sound coverage without exceeding regulatory thresholds.

Managing Director of Void Acoustics, Alex Skan, explains how Void’s solutions delivered on the initial brief: “Previously, the club was only permitted to have 89dB on the dance floor. We achieved levels in excess of 105dB without any noise issues.”

Commending the process of working with Void, Dan praised Void Acoustics' “clever innovations to get the very best from what is, from an acoustic standpoint, an outdoor arena in Zone 2 of London.”

The outdoor space proved extremely popular, but the temporary structure’s volume control limitations were prevalent. Studio 338 spent several years seeking planning permission to install a permanent structure in the terrace space to address its sound level issues.

Once the club had achieved permission, the team consulted with Void Acoustics on the sound system for the £3 million redevelopment of the soon-to-be-renamed Atrium Terrace.

The project took place over two years, replacing the temporary structure with a glass room adorned with triple-glazed windows and steel beams to further increase the sound and weather-proofing of the space.

Void's speakers were reconfigured for this new construction and the club was ready to set new records after opening the Atrium Terrace. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as fire consumed the venue just weeks after opening the outdoor section in August 2016, leaving Studio 338 in ashes…

… But the story didn’t end there.

Filling the Void with Music

The team at Studio 338 did not relent in their pursuit of creating the best nightclub experience in the world. In the aftermath of the fire, Studio 338 focused on rebuilding and hosting outdoor events in the venue’s garden space while work was done to restore the club.

Void worked closely with Studio 338 to craft a bespoke audio experience that transcended mere sound for the prospective rebuild.

The new sound system had to work in tandem with the vision of Studio 338 and Larry Field, the club’s Technical Manager. This culminated in custom-designed, Studio 338-branded setups adorning every corner of the club. Larry’s input on the new layout helped bring the best out of Void’s sound systems to ensure a fully immersive experience tailored to each area.

The team at Studio 338 worked tirelessly to restore the venue to its former glory over the next year. From the Terrace's Air Motion system to the Loft's Tri Motions, each space was finely tuned to its unique ambience. By October 2017, the London superclub was ready and powered by a new Void sound system.

Steve Lawler, VIVa Music label boss, hailed the club’s sound as “loud, clear, and precise,” a testament to Void’s transformative systems.

Comeback of the Decade for Studio 338

In the years following the 2017 reopening, Studio 338 has risen back to the top of the London scene. With Void’s bass beating through the club’s halls again, high praise has been pouring in from DJs and clubbers alike.

But in the eyes of Studio 338’s ever-ambitious team, more can always be done. In 2023, the team set about maximising the performance of the club’s Void system, by tackling the reverberation caused by the building’s hard glass interiors. Larry Field orchestrated tailored sound absorption and soundproofing techniques to enhance the system.

“Having worked with Void for many years, they are always innovative and supportive towards the need to improve. The sound quality is unique, iconic, and truly steps up. Void came alive in Studio 338 once the treatment was complete; my acoustic modelling panel designs paid off. Investment in acoustic treatment is an extension of any sound system, and it’s important for people to see how the surroundings also become a part of the sound system.”

Larry Field, Technical Manager at Studio 338

Over the past year since improving the acoustic performance of the club, Studio 338 has continued to be a must-visit London venue.

Void’s partnership with the superclub has gone from strength to strength as they have continued to make new additions to the dynamic sound system as recently as 2023. Studio 338 continues to evolve and Void will continue to be part of the journey.

“We’ve had a great partnership over the past ten years, its great to see a venue that is always looking at ways to refine and develop. Larry, Dan and the team at 338 have been great to work with, and its been very rewarding to be part of their growth. We will continue to work with them to further improve and raise the bar, and continue to be one of best venues in the UK.”

Alex Skan, Managing Director at Void Acoustics

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