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Northern Nights is a very special festival, every year the festival gets bigger and bigger yet remains a very grass roots experience. It has not only grown each year but also evolved. Better visuals, bigger production, more lasers, more Void Acoustics sound systems and more good vibes.

Northern Nights 2015 in particular was an exercise in pure production excellence; the lighting, sound and musicians brought people together to create one of the most enthusiastic and overall enjoyable festival atmospheres around. The team from Full Circle Productions provided Void Acoustics sound systems for all stages of the festival. Nathan Short of Void Acoustics flew out to assist the Full Circle team. The 2015 festival was one of the best, and its best is everything a Northern California music festival should be.

For the uninitiated, Northern Nights takes place at Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, CA. Rolling hills and mountainsides sprawling with redwoods surround the venue, which contains a redwood grove of its own. The Eel River is not only a beautiful feature running through the site, but an integral part of this festival’s identity as festival-goers float in the river all day to a brilliant live soundtrack.

“Since deploying the legendary Void Acoustics sound system for the Northern Nights main stage we have received an amazing amount of exposure, accolades, and positive reviews which include being named “1 of the 3 Most Iconic sound systems on the West Coast”

Jacob Ford – Full Circle Productions Jacob Ford – Full Circle Productions

This is a music festival, after all, and it’s obvious that Northern Nights takes this part of the experience seriously. With Void Acoustics sound systems on each stage, everything was sounding great, rest assured. It certainly helps when such sound systems are being utilized by a unique line-up of high-calibre artists and engineers, featuring lots of bass music, house music, hip-hop, and plenty of other niche electronic acts.

The main stage was definitely a highlight of the festival. The Arcline 12 line array and Stasys X subs sounded fantastic. The visual production was also an absolute sight to behold. We cannot wait to jump on a plane and head over to northern California for this year’s Northern Nights festival.

“We were approached by the promoters of Northern Nights Music Festival with a couple of challenges. They were interested in only Void Acoustics sound systems for all 3 stages, and an extremely powerful, beautiful sounding, yet steerable sound system for the main stage. The first year we deployed an incredible 24 Stasys psyco subs along with 12 Stasys Primes for the main stage. The second stage utilized Air Motions and Stasys X subs. The beach stage sound system is Air Motions with Trinity X subs provided by our production partners Basscraft.


The second year we added sixteen Arcline 12 line array elements for added directional capabilities. Since deploying the legendary sound system for the Northern Nights main stage we have received an amazing amount of exposure, accolades and positive reviews, which include being named “1 of the 3 Most Iconic sound systems on the West Coast”, and Northern Nights as one of the “Top 10 Festivals in the country”, largely attributed to the quality of sound. We consider this an achievement considering we have only been in business for a short time and our competition are largely multi-million dollar event production companies. Northern California is an extremely competitive market but by utilizing Void Acoustics incredible sound and unique looks we have really stood out amongst our competitors” Jacob Ford – Full Circle Productions

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