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Void Acoustics has proudly been associated with art designers ‘This is Loop’ for numerous installations. The relationship began with the large-scale audio-visual sculpture ‘Emergence’ that was a LIT Lighting Awards winner in the Light Art category, as well as being shortlisted for a prestigious CODAaward.

‘Emergence’ is an immersive audio-visual installation that featured Void Acoustics’ sculpted Cyclone 55 fixture. This weather-protected IP-55-rated speaker was ideal for the artwork, which is predominantly displayed in outdoor environments.

Artist Alan Hayes is one of the partners of ‘This is Loop’ – a collaborative artistic partnership that tours large-scale experiential architectural installations and sculptures to city centres and events across the UK and the world.

First seen in Canary Wharf in London in early 2023, the sculpture is shortlisted to receive one of the internationally acclaimed CODAawards Top 100, an award programme celebrating projects from around the world that successfully integrate art into interior, architectural, or public spaces.

As the creator and architect of ‘Emergence’, Alan was adamant about his decision to work with Void Acoustics on this particular sculpture. The brief was to provide the audio aspect of the installation, essentially becoming an integral part of the artwork itself. Having worked for many years in the events industry, Alan explains that Void Acoustics systems have made a lasting impression on him as one of the highest-quality audio manufacturers in the industry.

Pairing award-winning art with award-winning audio

Due to the nature of ‘Emergence’ as an immersive and playful audio-visual art installation, Alan wanted a sound system that would meet not only their high expectations for the highest quality audio but also a brand with a visual aesthetic that would be in keeping with, and integrate seamlessly into, the art piece itself.

“We had to consider our audio requirement from an artistic point of view as well as the sonic quality of what we installed. Everything we did on this project had to reflect the look and the form of the sculpture itself. Thus, the integration of a high-level aesthetically pleasing solution, with incredible audio quality, was essential."

Alan Hayes, Creator of Emergence

With their distinguishing fibreglass enclosures, the Void Cyclone 55 speakers were the obvious choice to meet this brief.

The structure consists of seventy-five large mirror nodes covered on all surfaces with a mirror finish, arranged in an 11 ft tall, 30 ft diameter cylindrical pavilion-style structure. ‘Emergence’ featured a mesmerising and highly complex array of light patterns and visual illusions choreographed to an accompanying audio track.

“Due to the cylindrical size and shape of the structure we were creating, we needed a wide dispersion to enable the speakers to fill the space properly,” explained Alan. “And with their integrated cable glands and the 110-degree horizontal dispersion, the Cyclone 55s were a perfect match.”


Alan and his team have been thrilled with the result, stating that the Void Acoustics system has performed faultlessly on every install, delivering perfect sound quality, concluding:

“Void Acoustics delivers an unparalleled combination of audio excellence with high-level aesthetic design qualities. There is just no one else out there who is combining these two attributes. Simply put, Void Acoustics was the only choice for us.”

Void systems shine at the River of Light Festival

The most recent 'Emergence' showcase was at Liverpool's prestigious River of Light Festival, a 10-day celebration that has become a hallmark of the city's calendar in recent years. With a history of drawing up to 250,000 attendees, the festival provided a vibrant backdrop for 'Emergence' to once again captivate audiences with its immersive experience.

Maintaining the same awe-inspiring dimensions as its debut in London, 'Emergence' stood proudly at Royal Albert Docks outside the Martin Luther King Jr building. The sculpture enchanted visitors with its complex array of light patterns and visual illusions choreographed to its accompanying sounds, amplified by Void Acoustics’ Cyclone 55 system.

Facing a unique challenge at this location, 'Emergence' was placed adjacent to a Victorian carousel ride, creating a challenging audio environment. The Cyclone 55 was chosen to create a perfect sonic envelope within the 10m diameter cylindrical structure, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive experience for the audience.

Delivering top quality sound, rain or sunshine

Philippa Horrocks, representing Culture Liverpool, shared her thoughts on the installation:

"Culture Liverpool programmed This is Loop’s ‘Emergence’ at River of Light 2023 and it was received so positively by our audiences. The work is exciting, playful, and immersive – all of the key components we look for in the works we program for the festival.

“The size and scale of the work are impressive, and the audio soundscape really adds to the experience of the artwork. Overall, Emergence was a real highlight in the River of Light 2023 programme, and This is Loop were a pleasure to have as part of the festival."

Looking ahead, 'Emergence' is set to embark on its next exhibition – a 10-day stand-alone showcase in Leicester leading up to Christmas (13th December – 23rd December). Over the festive holidays, everyone at Void Acoustics is excited to deliver unparalleled audio excellence and aesthetic design qualities for the next 'Emergence' installation.

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