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Quinto Concept Store in Mongolia installed a Void luxury club-like audio system to elevate its audio experience in-store, appealing to its key demographic of fashionistas of Eastern Asia. In addition to a bar, an art gallery and a weekly DJ performance the owners were seeking a vastly superior audio experience to any other store in the city. The visually striking suspended black Air Motion speakers give off a high-end retail nudge as a focal feature in the store. Reflecting, that Quinto Concept is more of a luxury lifestyle venue than a retail store, the outcome was visually in tune with this designer clothing store. This installation demonstrates our passion for the finer details and offerings in commercial installations, Void Acoustics really has demonstrated its ability to spread its passion for design-led audio to the furthest corners of the globe!

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Quinto Concept Store in Mongolia
Quinto Concept Store in Mongolia

The brief demanded the 200 square metre store’s ambience be enhanced through music heard across the highest spec sound system available. And so, the visually striking Air Motion speaker with its recognisable fibreglass conical horns, supported by the Venu 112 V2 subwooferalong with some ceiling speakers Cirrus 6.1 and powered by the Bias Q2 amplifier were specified for this design-led acoustic installation. Totally reflecting the fact that Quinto Concept is more of a luxury lifestyle venue than a retail store that sells multi-brand Men's Wear such as Dior, Celine, Balenciaga, and Gucci. Chinbold explains that other stores in the same shopping mall have also received refurbishments with Void’s speakers, but this brief was on another level. “Previous installations only featured Void ceiling speakers. This time we wanted to go a step further and the store’s interior design was imagined with Void speakers because they wanted to achieve a club-like sound quality. With an emphasis on design, and the shop also featuring an art gallery – well, the Air Motion suited the specification perfectly as the focus for the acoustic system we installed.”

Director of Shangri-La Mall is thrilled with the outcome. He has chosen to install Void Acoustics sound systems in his stores on several occasions and is a big fan of the brand, but he was clear that this time the Quinto Concept project need to be elevated.

“This is our third time working with Void Acoustics on retail projects and we are always happy to specify them and this time we wanted to put something extraordinary in the store. Our Quinto store is dedicated to youth, and our goal was to have the best possible sound system so that the customers can appreciate that we both have the same values. In addition, the main speaker of the installation of the Air Motion is one of our key interior features so it really stands out." - Zorig Tumennasan 

“The concept was something that not everyone would dare to think of. With full curved walls of LED screens; an amazing sound system, a bar…. in a designer clothing store? I just wanted to make this happen, With this brief it was clear to us that Void Acoustics was perfectly aligned to the brand’s designer aspirations”, smiles Chinbold, who have been distributing Void Acoustics products in Mongolia since 2015.

Chinbold Bayarsaikhan (Director of UB Stage Tuning)

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