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Hotel Kimpton Vividora, a sophisticated 5-star hotel with a rooftop bar and pool in Barcelona, Spain, sought to modernise its sound system while adhering to strict local noise regulations. The goal was to create a relaxing ambience throughout the venue that would resonate with its millennial clientele with a focus on the restaurant and rooftop areas.

Seeking a Solution for Strict Sound Regulations

Kimpton Vividora sits in the cultural centre of city, providing a home away from home for the visitors of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. It is both a boutique escape for travellers to rest and a city hotspot packed with things to do, including a rooftop pool and bar, as well as restaurants populated by local artists and musicians.

To deliver on the hotel's promise of fusing luxury with Barcelona’s artistic culture, Kimpton sought out an audio solution that could achieve both maximum sound quality and regulatory compliance.

Void’s Luxury Audio with Dynamic Sound Control

The previous sound system at Kimpton did not comply with the local sound level requirements and lacked the clarity and fidelity they desired. Having been impressed by Void Acoustics during one of its demonstrations at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona, Visualplanet recommended Void’s innovative speaker technology as the go-to solution.

Visualplanet transformed the space with Void Acoustics’ Cyclone 55 speakers, boasting precise sound direction to keep the rooftop bar's buzzing atmosphere from disturbing the neighbours.

The smaller Cyclone 4 speakers dotted around the hotel’s many lounge areas ensure targeted, high-fidelity audio. The outdated ceiling speakers in the restaurant were replaced by the Cirrus 6.1 speakers, which ensured smooth sound distribution at lower volumes. As relaxing chats over a coffee during the day transition to Barcelona’s electric nightlife energy, Void’s sound systems are able to craft any atmosphere Kimpton needs to suit its visitors.

Bias D1, Q1, and Q2 amplifiers were installed to ensure exceptional sound quality within the venue and strict noise control outside, a win-win for the hotel and the surrounding community. José Cabeza, CTO of Visualplanet, said, "We knew the result would surprise the client since the product meets their acoustic and aesthetic expectations. It was a sure hit."

Happy Guests and Happy Neighbours for Kimpton Vividora

Kimpton Vividora's sound transformation is a grand success. The new Void system adheres to the noise level requirements, ensuring the hotel delivers vibrant sounds without worrying about disturbing the neighbours. The sleek design of the Void speakers complements the hotel's modern aesthetic, in keeping with the luxurious ambience of Kimpton’s facilities.

"The result has been a complete success, giving us the reassurance of complying with regulations. We now have a pleasant or festive atmosphere depending on the area."

Merry Antoja, General Manager at Kimpton Vividora

Void’s speakers deliver the perfect solution for modern hospitality venues. Kimpton’s guests compliment the exceptional sound quality around the hotel, hitting the sweet spot for sound and atmosphere. 

Void Acoustics has been used the world over by Kimpton hotels, including at Kimpton Maa-Lai in Bangkok.

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