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Bar.Yard at Kimpton Maa-Lai, a vibrant rooftop bar in Bangkok, elevates its guest experience with a powerful and immersive Void Acoustics sound system. Working with Aura Visual, Void’s official distributor for Thailand, Kimpton Maa-Lai transformed the audio landscape at Bar.Yard, delivering crystal-clear audio and high-fidelity solutions for any occasion.

Balancing Sound in a Multipurpose Venue

Bar.Yard faced an uneven sound distribution, leaving guests in some areas wanting more volume and energy. The previous system struggled to provide zoning control for the indoor and outdoor spaces and lacked the quality required for energetic DJ performances. Seeking a solution to elevate the atmosphere and enhance guest satisfaction, the venue turned to Void Acoustics.

Raising the Rooftops in Bangkok

Never2Late consulted on the Bar.Yard installation, as Managing Director Maarten Goetheer had experience with Void sound systems. He heard them for the first time in 2017 when DJing in Seoul. He was impressed by the technical capabilities of Void’s speakers, offering fast bass transient response and clarity in the mid-high spectrum. Not only did Void deliver on quality, but the systems were straightforward and intuitive for installation and use.

As Never2Late provides its Background Music service to the hotel, they were aware of the complaints Kimpton was facing around sound quality and balance.

When Kimpton Maa-Lai needed to overhaul Bar.Yard’s sound system, Never2Late knew Void was the answer. Working with Aura Visual to supply and install Void Acoustics, Bar.Yard was able to address its audio challenges head-on.

Void’s Cyclone series is unmatched for any rooftop venue focused on delivering music and entertainment, and Bar.Yard is no exception. Sporting Cyclone 10s and 8s, they delivered the quality of sound required for immersive background music and regular DJ sets. The indoor and outdoor space couldn’t undergo any major structural changes, so Aura Visual mounted Cyclone Bass subs on the ceiling to provide the venue with a punchy bass. 

The Cyclone series suits the venue's conditions as the IP-55 rating, stainless steel fittings, and UV-resistant finish guarantee resilience against the elements and the outdoor setting of Bar.Yard

Clear zoning and sophisticated delay compensation tools enable precise control over individual areas around the venue, ensuring a balanced distribution of sound and delay-free transition throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces of the venue. An Award-Winning Transformation

An Award-Winning Transformation

The installation of Void Acoustics’ systems have transformed Bar.Yard into a balanced, dynamic venue that caters to a range of music needs. From disco and house to hip-hop and salsa, Void delivers.

Bar.Yard’s operations team appreciates the ability to control zones individually, and DJs are constantly singing the praises of the Cyclone speakers’ powerful bass. Since choosing Void, Kimpton Maa-Lai won the Best Rooftop Bar in Bangkok from BK B.A.D Awards 2023 for Bar.Yard.

Void Turns Up for Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Maa-Lai's collaboration with Aura Visual and Void Acoustics has completely transformed Bar.Yard into a must-see experience. The venue has gone from the source of visitor complaints to the crown jewel sitting 40 floors above Bangkok's renowned nightlife scene.

“Bar.Yard is a reference in sound for the rooftops to come in the city. From being hardly usable before to now winning several awards, we are very proud of the final result.”

Alfonso Martin, Market Advisor at Aura Visual

Kimpton Hotels are recognised worldwide as the standard for boutique hotels, and Kimpton Maa-Lai turnaround for Bar.Yard is a testament to Void Acoustics quality.

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