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 It is familiar territory for Void Acoustics sound systems to be found in high end nightclubs in major cities across the world, and so it is no surprise that one of the top clubs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has recently installed a substantial Void Acoustics system as part of a complete venue redesign and refurbishment.

Kasho is an uber-glamorous nightclub in the heart of the city which now boasts a futuristic look allowing the Void system to blend seamlessly with its surrounds. The 500-capacity club has been a hotspot for the fashionistas of Ho Chi Minh City since 2017, entertaining its high-brow clientele with mainly EDM music alongside live performances.  Operators Hoang An Nhien Company headed up by Mr Tran Thanh Binh undertook this major refurb in June 2020.

They engaged regional Void distributor Stella Global Ltd to specify a sound system with an exceptional sound quality to maintain Kasho’s position as one of the premier clubs in the city. It is the first time that Hoang An Nhien Company has purchased a Void system for one of their venues, but the management team were clear that Void was their brand of choice having experienced Void systems in other venues around the globe.

Stella Global have been exclusive distributor for the brand in Indochina for four and a half years, regularly specifying Void systems for their clients including Commas and Bam Bam in Saigon; Boheme – a popular club for under 25s with what Paul Gibson CTO at Stella Global describes as a ‘thumping Void sound system’; and Roxy club at the Ho Tram Grand hotel – one of the biggest casinos in Vietnam.

Mr Binh, MD of the club operator Hoang An Nhien explains their decision was a simple one. “Kasho is a leading nightclub lounge in the city and we needed to ensure that we were specifying the highest quality audio system possible, in order to maintain, and even elevate its position as THE go-to venue for both partygoers, as well as THE venue that performers and DJs have at the top of their list for playing in when they visit Ho Chi Minh City.”

The extensive Void system which has been installed has complemented the look and feel of the club perfectly. “Our design team were excited to see how the aesthetics of Void products, finished in bespoke light reflective white became part of the look and feel of the club,” continues Mr Binh.

Stella Global worked with the owners from the get-go, before appointing Saigon AV Ltd to install the comprehensive system.  Paul Gibson explains that “we chose to collaborate once more with Saigon AV – a young local team of internationally trained sound engineers and technicians as we knew their passion for excellent audio, and their expertise was what we needed to achieve the best result possible for our client.”

The impressive roll call of Void products which have been installed into Kasho by Saigon AV Ltd includes signature Void Air Motion speakers, Stasys Xair and Airten V2 loudspeakers, Venu 212 V2 bass speakers, popular club speakers Air 8 and Bias Q2 amplifiers which are perfect for nightclub settings.

Needless to say, there were some challenges posed by the imaginative, futuristic look of the club, which Paul explains.  “Whilst the space itself is quite open and rectangular, there are some framed illuminated architectural ceiling structures which are major focal points of the venue’s look.  These dome down from the ceiling all the way to floor level. Luckily we were consulted during the construction of these features, and were able to recommend adaptations to the construction to prevent them from vibrating.” He smiles as he continues his explanation.  “In addition we had to fine tune the positioning of the speakers including reversing the left and right Air Motions in order to achieve an even balanced audio distribution throughout.  The end result, however, really is seamless, and quite spectacular to hear!”

Vietnam has, to date, been relatively unscathed by the pandemic with very low levels of transmission, and most places have been open since the initial six week lockdown in the early part of 2020. And so Kasho has been pretty much fully operational since it re-opened in July 2020, post the refurbishment. Whilst a short lockdown has recently been imposed again, the Vietnamese club scene now has a well-versed cleaning and disinfection programme to ensure there are no community transmissions occurring, and the management team at Kasho expects to fully re-open again at the beginning of March 2021.

One regular DJ playing at Kasho on the new Void system is DJ DRAGON – a DJ pioneer and major contributor to Vietnam’s EDM industry. He is thrilled with the quality of the state-of-the-art Void Acoustics sound system. “The sound is immersive and incredibly unforgettable, which guarantees the best music experience.”  He expands, adding that “the crispness and bounce you experience from a Void system is perfect for nightclubs like Kasho and can satisfy even the most demanding ears, especially when playing musical genres like House, Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep and more.”

 “We are confident that with the state-of-the-art Void system at Kasho, we are offering an exceptional audio experience to satisfy the most discerning of customers” concludes Mr Binh confidently.

Kasho Vietnam
Kasho Vietnam

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