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Jason Ojeda from New York based integrator Global AV Group fulfilled the brief for a high energy, high SPL system with definition and clarity. Jason saw immediately that “Void checked all the boxes for this project as the perfect solution for the 1500 capacity venue.” With the club’s focus on electronic music and Void Acoustics’ dominance for sound systems in this genre, “… well, it was self-evident. This was the goal, and this is the best of what Void Acoustics offers,” Jason smiles. Global AV Group have worked with Void Acoustics for over 15 years. By specifying Void Acoustics Tri Motions and Arcline 218s for Heart WeHo, they were ensuring a perfect solution for a club system delivering high SPL but one which was finely balanced to ensure the club goer had a smooth and well-adjusted audio experience throughout the club. Supporting the perfect collaboration of the Tri Motion and Arcline speakers, the system was supplemented by dancefloor favourite Air Vantage loudspeakers, the versatile and ever reliable Venu 10 V2 speakers and Bias amplifiers. The outcome could not have been praised more highly by everyone “There actually isn’t a deadspot in the main room, the VIP areas, or the balconies,” states Jason proudly of his team’s hard work. 

Photo by Matt James Media
Photo by Matt James Media

From a Void Acoustics point of view, Nathan is equally thrilled. “It is a very special sound system, and a very special club. I’d go so far as to say it is one of the very finest in North America. Definitely one, everyone needs to see, and more importantly hear!” “Our client is ecstatic,” continues Jason. “They were unfamiliar with Void Acoustics at the start of this process and so we were pleased to offer them this solution. Now they can’t stop talking about how the sound is a massive part of their branding and experience.” Paul Nicholls, co-owner of Heart WeHo sums up his appreciation for the work undertaken by Global AV: "I expected the best from Jason and the Global AV team given their stellar reputation and what we received was even better! They are truly setting a new standard for sound and creating an experience that can be heard and felt in every square inch of the club. The pride they take in their work is unmatched and their dedication and follow-through makes this sometimes feel like more of a marriage than a sound install! Our HEART beats loud for Jason and his team!"

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