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The celebrated LGBTQ+ district of West Hollywood, LA, is where you will find Heart Weho dance and night club, boasting one of the most technologically advanced audio systems in the United States.

Heart Weho is a 1500 capacity venue making it one of the biggest nightclubs along Santa Monica Boulevard in the ‘heart’ of the ‘Rainbow District’. The club is operated by Rocco’s, which is part-owned by Lance Bass, former singer with N SYNC.

New York based integrator Global AV Group successfully fulfilled the brief for a high energy, high SPL club system boasting definition and clarity. Global AV’s owner Jason Ojeda explains that “Void checked all the boxes as the perfect solution for this venue.” He continues: “With the club’s focus on electronic music and Void Acoustics’ world dominance for sound systems in this genre, it was a self-evident collaboration. We were simply deploying the best of what Void Acoustics offers.”

Image by Matt James Media
Image by Matt James Media

Global AV Group have worked with Void Acoustics for over 15 years and are well-known for their obsessive attention to detail alongside a depth understanding of Void products. By specifying two of Void Acoustics’ flagship speakers – the aesthetically designed Tri Motion and the ever-popular Arcline 218 – Global AV secured a perfect solution for a club system demanding the high SPL requirement. The Tri Motion and Arcline work in perfect synchronicity to ensure the club-goer has a smooth and well-adjusted audio experience throughout each distinct area of the club. For the dance floor; the bar area; the VIP area; it was imperative that each area be tailored for time back to the DJ, with a softer or louder voiced EQ. By configuring the sound design with unique set-ups in each space, the entire system is completely dialled to the user experience and offers the club goer the very best audio in every area of the club.

Although Global AV were brought into the project mid-way into the build, the venue operator was happy to do whatever was needed to ensure the Void speakers could be deployed in exactly the right places to ensure the best audio delivery.  To help execute a seamless system integration into the building, Jason’s team worked in close collaboration with Nathan Short, Technical Lead for Void Acoustics North America.

“For over 35 years Jason has been involved in nightclubs and DJ-ing, and so his knowledge is invaluable with a high-end installation of this nature,” explains Nathan.  “By the time I came in, the team had already designed each area with individual channels and controls so every single speaker could be aligned back to the main dance floor for seamless coverage, with its own equalisation to optimise comfort as well as fidelity. I was asked to do some precision time alignment as the system consisted of six main areas that radiated out and away from the main dance floor.”

Supporting the dancefloor’s Tri Motion and Arcline Subs, the club’s VIP tables boast Venu 10 V2 fills, and the front bar and massive stairways are covered by gleaming white Air Vantage and Venu 6s.

The outcome has been sublime. “There actually isn’t a deadspot in the main room, the VIP areas, or the balconies,” states Jason proudly of his team’s hard work. And he couldn’t be more complimentary about the support from Void throughout the specification and installation process. “Everyone at Void Acoustics are like family. So it makes working with them easy.”

From a Void Acoustics point of view, Nathan is equally thrilled. “It is a very special sound system, and a very special club. I’d go so far as to say it is one of the very finest in North America. Definitely one everyone needs to see, and more importantly hear!”

“Our client is ecstatic,” continues Jason. “They were unfamiliar with Void Acoustics at the start of this process and we were pleased to offer them this solution. Now they can’t stop talking about how the sound is a massive part of Heart’s branding and experience.”

Image by Matt James Media
Image by Matt James Media

Paul Nicholls, promoter, and co-owner of Heart Weho sums up his appreciation for the Void deployment undertaken by Global AV: “I’ve never experienced a system that does it quite the way Void does it...” he enthuses. “Their system literally ‘fills the Void’”.

"I expected the best from Jason and the Global AV team given their stellar reputation. But honestly, what we received was even better! Void Acoustics are truly setting a new standard for sound and creating an experience that can be heard and felt in every square inch of the club. The pride that Global AV take in their work is unmatched and their dedication and after-care makes this feel like more of a marriage than a sound install! Our HEART beats loud for Jason, his team and for Void Acoustics!"

Paul Nicholls, Promoter and co-owner of Heart WeHo

A worthy endorsement which confirms Void Acoustics’ on-going commitment to outstanding audio for every dance floor patron. In addition to which, Void’s dedication to its dealers and installers shines brightly in Los Angeles at Heart Weho.

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