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Located just a few blocks from Union Square and situated within a beautiful brick basement, beneath the hustle and bustle lays Hawthorn: a state-of-the-art lounge bar and nightlife venue. In the late 1800’s this area of San Francisco once housed lustful brothels and drug-stores. Today however, the space has been completely re-imagined for an elite bar and nightlife experience.

Featuring two intimate rooms, the first accented by Austrian drapes and deep purple ceiling swathes with plenty of lounge seating and room to dance if the evening takes you there, while the second room is a more hidden and private experience that boasts classic décor inspired by 1930’s Hollywood.

“What a club! From day one I knew that space was going to be Void, it was just calling out. Even with low ceilings and concrete floors the room is soft and warm; the sound wraps around you. Four points of Tri Motion on the dance floor with a monoblock of Trinity X 21″ subs are surrounded by outward facing Venu fills for the tables, VIP, and bar zones. The result is seamless audio everywhere in the venue.

The room is funky, the bass is deep and penetrating, the low mids wrap around you and highs are sweet and crisp. Working with Chadwick and his team to achieve sonic perfection was a joy at every step; they wanted perfection and so did we. In all the clubs I have ever been to, and all my personal best work, Hawthorn sits in a tie with a couple other favourites that make me smile ear to ear whenever I step foot inside. What a privilege, what an adventure.”

Nathan Short – Void Acoustics.

“As a 20 year veteran in the San Francisco nightlife industry, I’ve gained the understanding and importance of impeccable sound and have had the most amazing opportunity to work with some of the finest and most talented DJs, producers and sound aficionados in the country. In 2014, I opened Hawthorn, a subterranean lounge in the heart of Union Square, SF.

In vetting the perfect sound for my room, I came across Matt from Pineapple Audio who introduced to me the new Void Tri Motion sound system paired with the Trinity X low frequency enclosures. The tops consist of sexy triangle clusters that look like hanging sculptures but also put out the cleanest most pristine sound.

Before deciding on a system, however, I hired a well-respected unbiased sound engineer from LA to evaluate all the bids that I received from all of the top sound companies. After his review, he concluded simply that they were all great sound systems, but explained that the Void Acoustics system was the Ferrari and the rest were the Mercedes and BMW’s. With his input, I opted for the Void system and haven’t once regretted it.

My experience with Matt & Nathan was nothing short of excellent! Their attention to detail and utmost professionalism far exceeded my expectations, which is no easy task. I would highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them and Void Acoustics for all my future projects.” – Chadwick Baumbach, Owner/Operator, Hawthorn Lounge

This installation was completed by the talented team at Pineapple Audio.

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