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Located in London’s bustling Covent Garden, Gilgamesh offers a culinary and nightlife experience that satisfies all senses. The venue's sound system truly takes centre stage, complementing the visual and culinary delights.

Transforming Spaces from Day to Night

With the venue's opening fast approaching, the team had eight weeks to design and install a sound system that would impress well beyond opening night. Gilgamesh presented a unique challenge: creating a unified soundscape across three distinct, multipurpose areas of the 600-capacity venue. The solution needed to include subwoofers that would provide excellent sound but be visually discreet.

The Lounge, an all-day restaurant, needed ambient background music to elevate the dramatic dining experience. Zion, the top-floor VIP area, required versatility to transform from dining space to nightclub when required. Babylon, the exclusive basement restaurant and bar and Gilgamesh’s nightclub space demanded a powerful system to host renowned DJs and acts daily.

A Bespoke Soundscape with Void Acoustics

Working closely with Riley Audio Visual, the Gilgamesh team opted for a customised Void Acoustics solution.

Void’s signature Cyclone series was a desirable choice for this venue, with the Venu subwoofers and Bias amplifiers providing powerful bass that doesn’t compromise the restaurant's daytime aesthetic. A combination of Cyclone 10s and 55s were used in the three distinct spaces in the venue to look and sound like a restaurant during the day but with the ability to fully transform into a nightclub and accommodate DJs at night.

With an ambitious eight-week deadline, coordinating construction and sound system installation demanded meticulous planning. The biggest challenge was discreetly placing the subwoofers to ensure powerful sound without sacrificing space or the venue's aesthetic. Fortunately, Void’s Venu series provided the ultimate solution. The Venu 208 subwoofers still provided the sleek look that Gilgamesh was looking for without missing out on top-of-the-line audio quality. 

Gavin Creaser, integrator from Riley Audio Visual, has previously worked with Void and recommended the speakers for the installation. Void helped organise a demo at short notice, which was the deciding factor for Gilgamesh, who was blown away by the quality of sound and happy to move forward with the project.  

High Praise for Gilgamesh’s Void Setup

The results are nothing short of remarkable. Gilgamesh has garnered positive reviews for its exceptional sound quality, with social media buzzing about the immersive experience. Gavin Creaser from Riley Audio Visual, said: “We get some big-name DJs and music producers who know their sound visiting Gilgamesh, and they have all commented on the Void sound system and they are blown away.

“Right in the middle of Soho, this is a buzzing place with music rumbling throughout. The Cyclone 10s, in particular, have received high praise from the musicians visiting the club.”

Gavin Creaser, Riley Audio Visual

With these new additions, Void Acoustics delivers a soundscape that perfectly complements Gilgamesh’s diverse offering. From pumping powerful audio through the Cyclone 10s into nightclub space Babylon, or providing an immersive experience in the lounge area with Venu subwoofers, Void has raised the standard for this Soho hotspot.

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