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In the heart of London Piccadilly on Shaftesbury Avenue lies a new Coyote Ugly venue, a flagship destination for the exciting nightlife brand. Central to this bombastic experience is Void Acoustics' cutting-edge audio technology that raises the energy in the room time and time again.

This Coyote Ugly, with its prime city-centre location, has set the stage for a unique blend of live performances and dancing, creating an authentic saloon experience that adds an exciting twist to London's renowned nightlife and vibrant addition to London's entertainment scene.

Getting Crowds Going with Spartan Audio Visual

The talented minds behind this experience was Spartan Audio Visual, a seasoned integrator with a long-standing relationship with Void Acoustics.

Spartan Audio Visual took the lead once again, transforming the Shaftesbury Avenue location into an audio haven for the energetic socialising Coyote Ugly is best known for.

The decision to use Void Acoustics wasn't solely driven by prior projects together but also by the strategic need to balance exceptional audio quality with cost-effectiveness, particularly considering the unique challenges posed by the venue's premium  location and tricky architecture.

The Brief But Exciting Installation Challenges

Selecting Void for Coyote Ugly’s latest sound system came with a host of unique challenges, including the venue's layout, the blend of live performance and dancing, a lengthy custom-built bar and a technical requirement to accommodate the singing performances.

The team at Spartan Audio Visual solved these challenges by seamlessly integrating Void’s Venu series - the Venu 12v2, Venu 212v2, and Bias amps - to meet Coyote Ugly's high visual identity and brand standards.

Customer Response is Anything But Ugly

Coyote Ugly is more than nightlife and revelling in the atmosphere. The versatile Void system also meets the establishment’s requirements for subtle daytime background music and high-performance audio during evenings and weekends. The choice of Void Acoustics' Venu series delivered outstanding sound quality while fading subtly into the background interiors.

Steve Lewis at Coyote Ugly expressed that “Void delivers. The powerhouse aural punch of their system and the simple installation of the Venu series made it the ideal choice for our new venue. Spartan’s familiarity with the equipment ensured a hassle-free integration, making this build an overall success. The positive feedback from our customers says it all.”

As the beats resonate into the night throughout the Piccadilly bar, Coyote Ugly Shaftesbury Avenue continues to demonstrate the adaptability of London's nightlife scene, with Void Acoustics leading the way time and time again.

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