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Standing in the centre of Blitz’s dance floor is a pinch-yourself moment in life for any music lover. It’s not just the sonic experience that makes Blitz an extraordinary venue, every single decision made in executing this project was given thoughtful consideration; resulting in remarkable attention to detail and a cult-status club that has become somewhat of a pilgrimage for audiophiles.

Located within Munich’s prestigious Forum der Technik of Deutsches Museum (the world’s largest science and technology museum of its kind), this incredible nightclub is the result of David Muallem’s powerful creative vision. As Blitz’s founder and resident DJ, David’s primary focus in creating Blitz was “all about the experience for the people. It’s only about that.” As such, the whole club was meticulously designed to ensure that any guest here experiences music in a way that will have a lasting positive impact on them.

Blitz has a capacity of 600 people, with the venue featuring three key areas: an extensive, main dance room; a secondary dance space, named the Plus room; alongside an innovatively adorned restaurant and bar areas. Four custom-designed Void Incubus systems -each incorporating the Air Array together with two Hyperfolds and two Incubus Subs- are strategically positioned in the four corners of the primary room's dance floor, in order to maximise the way the sound travels through the room. The benefits of using a stacked, 4 point system include a more even coverage of sound, creating an optimal listening environment within the dance floor. Blitz’s sound designer, Laurin Schafhausen, notes that “for dancing the night away, nothing can beat this.” Air Vantage DJ monitors and four twin 15” Stasys Phil loudspeakers are used as central dancefloor fill loudspeakers and extend sound coverage to the bar area at the rear of the room.

The final and truly unique features are the four custom ‘Blitz Horn’ 360-degree high-frequency units, lined up directly above the centre of the dancefloor. Specially designed for the club, these one-off customised units are used to create a spatial effect and move the sound around the dancefloor at the DJ’s command.

DJ monitoring is handled in a truly innovative three-channel, left-centre-right configuration using the Air Vantage mid-high enclosures, coupled with two Venu 215 low-frequency enclosures.  

This has many benefits, including creating excellent, even coverage over the extensive DJ console area. Inside Plus, four of the Air Vantage mid-high loudspeakers are partnered with two Nexus X and Nexus Q low-frequency systems, providing a two-way, detailed bass solution spanning the low-frequency spectrum. Monitoring is handled by a pair of Air Stream DJ monitors. A total of 33 amplifiers, combining seven Void Bias V9s, seven Bias VQs and 19 Bias V3s, power the sound throughout the club.

You don’t just play tracks – it’s the way you play the tracks. By changing the frequency and velocity, you can create tension by building it up, almost hypnotising your audience.

David Muallem

David and Laurin share the view that a sound system is an instrument. For David, “you don’t just play tracks – it’s the way you play the tracks. By changing the frequency and velocity, you can create tension by building it up, almost hypnotising your audience.” The Blitz Horn, exclusive to this club, is a 360-degree high-frequency tweeter flying above the dancefloor as opposed to hanging down, making it possible to fire sound outwards. “The DJ can control the volume to whatever level desired to achieve different acoustic effects.” Configuring the sound system in this way means that when the hi-hat is heard, “the sound feels like it’s coming down like rain. Your arms naturally want to go up in the air and once there, when the bass kicks in, you’re defenceless to it so it really hits you.”

When it came to choosing the best sound system to go with, David selected Void Acoustics because he “liked the products and the people behind it”, knowing it would be the “best choice” for his dream. Having worked with Jörg Sandman, founder of Event Integrator, for over a decade, pairing again in a close partnership for Blitz was essential for David. Jörg was responsible for introducing David and Laurin, from which the trio became a united force in making David’s vision a tangible reality. A discussion with our team at Void HQ left a lasting impression on David regarding how “open-minded everyone was about the ideas. They actually listened to us and wanted to make this work, even though on the outset it seemed like a crazy idea.” Added to this, Laurin’s drive to use Void products was “not just about providing the best possible sound – it went to the depths of the best possible way to transport emotions.”

David’s dedication and belief in his vision emanate as a contagious passion. “This club was 30 years in the making – my whole life and all of my life experiences to that point are in here.” His desire to “contribute to the culture” rather than simply run a club is what sets him apart in the industry and will bring countless clubbers back to Blitz, always wanting more.

Working on this project was a true joy for our team and our German distributors at Event Integrator. Our collaboration with David and Blitz is an ongoing partnership and we are excited to explore additional creative opportunities together in the future.

Venue: www.blitz.club Installer: www.event-integrator.de Products: voidacoustics.com

Photographer: Simon Vorhammer

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