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Venu Series

The Venu V2 series has been ingeniously redesigned to ensure this winning range of loudspeakers exceeds the expectation of leading sound installation contractors and integrators around the world. A full, sleek aesthetic overhaul, coupled with functional revisions, makes this series even more attractive and versatile than ever before. With so many different sizes and power capabilities, you can confidently meet any venue’s sound specifications using Venu products.

Impressive power in compact form


VENU 6 V2 

Modest looks, massive sound



Reliable resilience


VENU 10 V2 

Easy installation, seamless operation


VENU 12 V2

Consistent, convenient, capable


VENU 15 V2 

Void’s first active, low frequency enclosure


VENU 210i

Understated strength


VENU 112 V2 

Noteworthy definition


VENU 115 V2

A powerhouse of bass


VENU 212 V2 

Dependable, durable, daring


VENU 215 V2

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