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Void Acoustics further enhance the popular Venu series

Void Acoustics further enhance the popular Venu series


Relied on as an audio installation staple for the past five years, the Void Acoustics Venu range has recently been significantly enhanced, together with receiving a complete aesthetic overhaul.

These high-performance loudspeakers now have a smooth, high-end finish that aligns with Void’s coveted, stylish fibreglass range. Across the whole Venu V2 series, each product now features a desirable speakONTM  socket for ease of use and quick assembly in touring and mobile applications. Meanwhile, a larger Phoenix connector makes it possible to use wider diameter cables to improve sound quality.

The passive, two-way Venu V2 mid-high loudspeakers are available in five sizes, with low-frequency drivers ranging from 6.5 inches to 15 inches. Whether you need to play background music in smaller bars and restaurants or fill larger spaces as the main sound system, there’s a Venu V2 loudspeaker to cater to all needs.

The introduction of an asymmetric, rotatable, high-frequency horn (excluding the Venu 6 V2), allows the correct dispersion to be maintained in both horizontal and vertical mounting positions, plus wider horizontal coverage in the near field and improved far-field projection. With sound traveling further at a consistent volume, those listening at the back of the venue will have a similar sound experience to people standing at the front.

The freedom to position the loudspeaker exactly as desired, combined with a newfound consistency in the dispersion is a favourable development from the original Venu mid-tops. Additional special features also include fixing points for Easy Hang, yolk, or ceiling brackets, and an optional top hat in place of the blanking plate, allowing mounting in mobile applications. The durable grilles and fittings are combined with a robust enclosure made entirely from 15 mm multi-laminate birch plywood to enhance durability. When it comes to installing these loudspeakers, it could not be easier.

Hardware options include the Easy Hang wall bracket, conventional yoke bracket, and ceiling bracket. Installers can choose to position the enclosure vertically or horizontally in almost any application. Once fixed in place, the rotatable Void logo badge can be positioned in the correct orientation.

New engineering within the Venu V2 low-frequency enclosures (Venu 112 V2, Venu 212 V2, Venu 115 V2, Venu 215 V2 and Venu 210i) has resulted in the following special features being incorporated: tough high excursion transducers; a recessed rear connector panel that allows the enclosure to be placed against a rear wall; and durable grilles and fittings.

Yoke bracket positions give the option of either wall or ceiling mounting. Should pole mounting of the mid-high loudspeakers be preferred, the blanking plate for low-frequency enclosures can be replaced with an additional M20 fixing point. Although black and white are the standard colour options available for each Venu model, any custom RAL colour option is available by special request.

Given the high performance, alluring design enhancements, and choice for colour customisation, the entire Venu V2 series far outweighs the competition in the comparable price range. Venu V2 models will be shipping from September 2019.

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