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Void Acoustics expands marketing team


The Void Acoustics team are delighted to announce the expansion of their marketing team with the addition of Sacha Hodges as Marketing Assistant.

Sacha, an audio engineer, joins Amy Harvey who has recently been promoted to Marketing Manager. Sacha’s background positions her perfectly for fulfilling the role and she is enthusiastic about getting her teeth into a variety of diverse projects currently underway at Void Acoustics. She is a singer-songwriter and recently graduated from dBs Sound and Music Institute (previously dBs Music), in Bristol with a degree in Audio Production and Sound Engineering.

“My passion for music and sonics was nurtured from an early age, as I grew up in a musical household with my parents introducing me to an eclectic and diverse musical range. This helped develop my love of singing and I have been a vocalist and songwriter for nearly five years. So it was a natural decision to go down the audio route with my studies,” she explains.

Sacha’s views on the impact of audio are closely aligned with the founding principles of the Void Acoustics brand.

“I’m intrigued by the feelings and reactions which music can stimulate when you listen to high-quality audio” she smiles. Sacha’s role will be focused on the continuing development and expansion of Void Acoustics’ audience and customer base, increasing greater brand awareness and global recognition for the company.

"I understand that Void has an incredible foothold in the underground music scene but we are also dedicated to expanding the brand into other market sectors, including the commercial audio sector. And I will be working with the team using all marketing tools at our disposal including, of course, the myriad of social media platforms which are now available,” she expands.

Sacha is very aware of her privileged position, being able to move into the industry she loves with a strong foundation in audio engineering, whilst expanding her marketing understanding.

“This is a huge motivation for me, and I really appreciate being able to work alongside some inspirational people at Void who are prepared to share their knowledge with me as I begin my career in the industry.  Ultimately, I’m really keen to help other young female audio engineers like me, who aspire to work in the audio industry. Being able to continue my passion for audio and sonics from childhood, through to my studies and now my career really is a dream come true”.

And she sums up….“As soon as it is safe to do so, I can’t wait to meet all the amazing customers who form such an important part of the Void family and to work in close collaboration with them to enhance our position in the marketplace!”

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