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Void Acoustics and Aura Visual System join forces in Thailand

Void Acoustics and Aura Visual System join forces in Thailand


 Void Acoustics has announced a new partnership with brand new company Aura Visual System based in Bangkok, Thailand.  This bold appointment reflects the long-term plans Void Acoustics has to focus on the development and expansion of the brand in the region.  Aura Visual System is headed up by Mr Pankom who has an extensive career in AV product distribution across the region as well as a strong knowledge of Void products.

“We share a similar drive for the provision of excellent audio to our customers, and my team and I are excited to be aligning with Void Acoustics as their exclusive distributor for Thailand,” comments Mr Pankom.

Void Acoustics are keen to develop the market in Thailand as part of a proactive expansion plan in the APAC region.

“Whilst we have done some business in Thailand in the past, there is a huge amount of potential for Void with the country being an important tourist destination and with Bangkok being a major entertainment hub in South-East Asia” explains Sean Iskhandar, APAC Sales Manager for Void Acoustics from his base in Singapore.

Mr Pankom explains further: “The club sector is a prominent part of our business plan with Void going forward.  And our experience has taught us that the club market and the DJs playing in these clubs have exacting needs and often request Void systems. We recognise the performance products the brand offers and so Void Acoustics is a very welcome addition to our portfolio.” 

It’s currently a tricky time in Thailand with another wave of the pandemic underway and so currently entertainment is pretty much on hold again for the next couple of months but Aura Visual System also provides installations for the high-end residential sector – something which aligns perfectly with Void’s extensive product range.

“Alongside the club sector, we know that Void has a strong foothold in the high-end domestic market for residential audio installations and so this is another area where we can specify the beautifully crafted (both visually and sonically) portfolio of Void products” expands Mr Pankom. Sean Iskhandar, APAC Sales Manager for Void Acoustics is delighted. 

“We are looking forward to working with Mr Pankom and his team to expand market awareness of Void systems throughout notable clubs and hospitality projects across Thailand, from Bangkok to Pattaya, and on the islands of Phuket and the Koh islands archipelago,” he says.

“With Aura Visual System’s technical expertise, extensive network, and strong after-sales support I sure they will do well to support the market and represent our brand extremely well.” 

Mr Pankom concludes “Whilst our appointment may have been delayed a little by the pandemic, at Aura Visual System we believe that if a good opportunity comes along … you must take it! And Void Acoustics is just one of those brands you cannot let pass you by!”

Aura Visual System
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