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“A new approach to working out in Los Angeles includes a fresh approach to ensuring our sound system provides maximum inspiration and brings out the very best in our clients,” smiles an enthusiastic Raamy Fares, Owner and Founder of Heated Room.
“And we wanted nothing short of the best.”

Heated Room is a new concept for pilates exercise – in an infrared heated studio offering high-temperature, high-intensity workout sessions for the people of West Hollywood. And with high-intensity workouts, comes high-impact audio and this is very much the ethos and approach taken when the gym was being specified and installed in the bespoke studio space.

When Raamy was writing the AV brief for the studios, he was in no doubt about what he wanted. “I first heard Void five years ago at a rooftop bar in Beirut, Lebanon, and I was blown away by both the purity and the design of the sound. When the idea of building Heated Room came to me, I knew that Void, as a brand, matched my vision of pristine audio. I could only use Void to execute my vision.”

Raamy worked in close collaboration with a small team and audio specialists to realise his studio aspirations. Together they were able to indulge their joint passion for audio excellence, working for three intense days on the actual installation, including detailed sound checks and tuning in order to perfect every sonic vibration throughout the venue.

With the diversity of Void’s acoustic products, Raamy was able to select a myriad of fixtures throughout Heated Room. “It was perfect to select many different styles when designing the studio and the accompanying areas including hallways, bathrooms, shower areas. Void’s vast array of products allowed us to specify quality sound in each different setting addressing each unique requirement.”

Void Acoustics speakers are deployed throughout the entire venue. The iconic, futuristic-looking red fibreglass Airten V3 speakers adorn the stylish main pilates studio itself, accompanied by the ever-versatile Venu 212 V2 subwoofer speakers in white. Elsewhere, Indigo 6 Pro and 6S Speakers supply sophisticated audio coverage throughout the venue, accompanied by Cirrus 6.1 ceiling speakers providing a completely integrated audio solution throughout Heated Room.

“We definitely have plans to expand this concept organically with more studios, and Void Acoustics will continue to be the audio supplier of choice in that roll-out” smiles Raamy.

It certainly looks like Void is the hottest audio in town!

Images copyright Karina Miller

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