Venue: Beam Location: Bangkok, Thailand Type: Club | Void Acoustics

Void Pro Audio at Beam

“I have used Void all over the world. I really like its sound for nightclubs: the tops and mids are really smooth and clear and the bass really kicks so I’m very happy using it.” System Designer Dave Parry

Bangkok’s nightlife scene welcomes its first club worth getting excited about: Beam. The club offers a more minimal, warehouse style experience that keeps things raw, casual and loud, with a state of the art Void Acoustics sound system.

The lounge area, dubbed the Dalmatian Room, promises easy-going electronic beats while the main room upstairs brings quality energetic deep house and techno from live DJs. Dave Parry and his team at ‘Most Technical’ oversaw sound system design and installation at ‘Beam’, Thailand’s first proper nightclub.

To create the big sound system Beam required, Dave selected a combination of Xsys 12s, Impulse 3s and Stasys V2 low frequency enclosures. “I have used Void all over the world, I really like its sound for nightclubs, the tops and mid are really smooth and clear and the bass really kicks so I’m very happy using it.

There are two main stacks in the club, each comprise two Void Stasys V2 subwoofers with a Venu 215 atop and a bi-amped Impulse 3i on top of that. The Venu 215s free up the subwoofers from making that mid bass punch” – Dave Parry. He also added four Stasys 2s as rear fills, plus another pair to cover the bar area supported by a Venu 215 subwoofer moulded into the bar, and to complete the club system, a couple of Venu 10s were installed as fills.

The lounge bar, located downstairs is equipped with six Void Xsys 12s installed around the periphery as well as a Stasys 218 subwoofer and a Stasys 118 subwoofer. A selection of Void Bias amplifiers provide power for the sound system. Dave continues: “Having an all-in-one package certainly helped on the install. We were able to set up parameters beforehand and link everything together whilst onsite. It also allows us to keep an eye on it remotely and lets us lock out certain parts of the system once all set up.”

72 Courtyard – FL 1

72 Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor

Klongton-Nua Wattana

Bangkok 10110

(+66) 2 392 7750

BEAM: Wed. – Sat. 9PM Till Late.

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