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#1 What is the speed of sound in dry air at 9 °C?

#2 What are Fletcher and Munson related to?

#3 A measurement is made in the center of two identical loudspeakers, each powered by 100 watts. This measurement is 60 dB SPL. If one of the speakers is turned off, what would be the new measurement?

#4 When the temperature of air increases, the speed of sound?

#5 What does “Re” relate to in the Thiele/Small parameters of a loudspeaker?

#6 When placed against a boundary, what is the maximum ideal SPL increase of a subwoofer?

#7 What year was Void Acoustics started?

#8 How many different loudspeakers and amplifiers do Void Acoustics currently produce?

#9 In what year was the Air Motion first released?

#10 You are stood 10m away from a sound source, the volume is 80dB SPL. How loud is the same sound source if you are 1000m away?

#11 Complete the sentence: No one goes home…

#12 In the order of pins 1, 2, 3, chose the correct cable arrangement for an analog XLR connection?

#13 Which sound engineer is related to this sub-array designer in Excel?

#14 What does AES in the term AES3 stand for?

#15 Which sample rate is commonly used for video?

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