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Venue: Studio 338 Location: London - United Kingdom Type: Club


Studio 338 is a crowd-wowing superclub that attracts clubbers from all over the world to its expansive premises in East London. It is our privilege that Void Acoustics has been this venue’s sound system of choice from the outset and we have shared an incredible journey together during this time.

Following a tragic fire striking the original club in 2016, the newly rebuilt venue is thriving like never before. Rising like the phoenix from the ashes, as depicted in a mural on the outside of the club, the rebuild brought with it the opportunity to extend the range of Void products installed and mastermind an acoustic vision that best serves the different indoor and outdoor areas.

"We took great care over really understanding what the team at Studio 338 wanted to achieve and worked meticulously on planning the sound system to ensure clubbers experience fully immersive sound, whether they are partying inside the main dance room, relaxing upstairs, or enjoying themselves outside in the garden."

"Larry Field, Technical Manager at Studio 338, installed several systems throughout the club that are ideal for the different types of space. Opting for a four-point Air Motion system in the Terrace results in an undeniable connection with the music that feels the same, regardless of where guests are positioned in the room. The Studio benefits from six Air Vantages angled perfectly for maximum coverage. Meanwhile outside, the Nexus system ensures sound travels in a balanced way right to the back of the garden, without overwhelming guests dancing near the front. With an aesthetically pleasing all-white fibreglass setup, uniquely customized with Studio 338 branding and logos, the Terrace’s Air Motions, together with the white Air Vantages in the Studio Room, and Tri Motions in The Loft make for a truly powerful audio experience in every section of the club. Having such a vast area of large open outdoor space, together with indoor floor space to tailor the acoustics too, there were a number of technical challenges to overcome to make this installation a thriving success. Dan Perrin, Studio 338’s Music, and Events Director has praised our “clever innovations to get the very best from what is, from an acoustic standpoint, an outdoor arena in Zone 2 of London.” 

Our Managing Director, Alex Skan, noted that the biggest challenge was giving clubbers an incredible dance experience without incurring noise complaints from local residents; a mandatory requirement for the outdoor terrace area.

“Using several acoustic techniques we’ve developed at Void, it was possible to get a high SPL arena in an outdoor area in the middle of London. Previously the club was only permitted to have 89dB on the dance floor; we managed to achieve levels in excess of 105dB, without any noise issues.” The problem was solved by deploying a bass array that focuses bass on the dance floor while reducing off-site noise to below ambient levels. The super-wide coverage from the Nexus 6 outdoors ensures even mid-high coverage for everyone attending 338’s legendary parties. Dan added that the problem-solving process included “working closely with the local authorities to ensure all neighbours are kept happy.”

The end result is sound that is “loud, clear and precise. It’s a special place to play” – Steve Lawler, VIVa Music label boss and regular at Studio 338. Dan has a wealth of experience hearing sound systems all over the world and he has

“always preferred Void Acoustics installations. We chose Void Acoustics for Studio 338 because we wanted to bring something both sonically and aesthetically new to London.” When first choosing Void to “power the sound across the entire venue and at all events”,  Dan had “already experienced Void systems at places like DC10 but we still put them through an ‘audition’ process against all the major players. Unsurprisingly, Void Acoustics won out; we find Void systems have a uniquely warm and round feeling that suits us more than the output found in comparable products from other brands. It’s a bonus that the speakers look so distinctive and eye-catching too! The support we have received from Void has been second to none.” 

We look forward to taking our partnership with Studio 338 from strength to strength in the future

Photography credits: Studio 338 and Luke Dyson (Elrow image)

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