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Ireland’s first Arcline 8 install at Dali Cork


A venue has enhanced Cork’s nightlife scene in the form of Dali - an attractive club located in what was previously the Pavilion building on Carey’s Lane.

Boasting Ireland’s largest Void sound system to date, together with the country’s first-ever Arcline 8 installation, the opening weekend set the tone for things to come in this space. Acts included a wide range of sets from DJs Cleric, TR_one, Jamie Behan, Fish Go Deep, Colm K, and Dim the Lights, and Sunday chilled vibes from singer-songwriter Elaine Malone and Saint Caoilian.

Everything from techno to disco and house was represented. The building itself is steeped in history; dating back to 1921, some of its century-old architectural features still remain today and in recent years, even Kayne West and Franz Ferdinand have made an appearance here.

As far as Ed Rice, of Sounds Good Systems, is concerned, he “couldn't have picked a better venue to house Ireland’s first Arcline 8 install.”

In terms of the Void kit installed, Dali is equipped with eight Arcline 8s and four Stasys 218s, which are ideal for both live music and DJ sets.

Stephen O'Byrne and Hope Alo, the promoters and managers of Dali, had been familiar with Void Acoustics systems for a number of years, enjoying their sound quality at festivals. A Tri Motion system demo at Dublin’s Hangar nightclub confirmed their decision to invest in Void products.

“Sounds Good Systems’ electrician, Romano Caira, and his team did the initial work for the install, completed by Mike Van Deventer and Ed Rice, “before being tuned to perfection by Void’s technical team”, Ed explained. “It’s an amazing historic venue that now has the sound system it deserves. Stephen, Hope, Dave and Caroline are such a great team to work with. Likewise, their house engineer Chis, together with the lighting and visual lads keep everything sounding and looking its best.”

Chris Somers, Dali’s House Engineer, described the Void Arcline system as “surpassing anything I had heard in Ireland before. What really shocked me was the versatility of the system. I had only heard Void in a club context before Dali but the sound we've had with live acts has been incredible. Folk, rock, hardcore, dub and more; anything we've thrown at it has been handled with stunning detail and power. I have never experienced as many people approaching the booth to offer praise and thanks for the sound; casual gig goers, ravers, clubbers, it's a talking point in the city!”

DJ Producer, Shane Johnson, of Fish Go Deep confirms the versatility of this Void kit:

"The Arcline system in Dali has sounded great with everything we've thrown at it - vocals, dubby techno, percussion workouts, disco tracks - you name it! There's exceptional detail in the mid and highs, and combined with a powerful low end, it produces a very integrated overall sound, unlike some line array systems. Equally impressive is the even spread of sound throughout what is a tricky room acoustically." 

International DJ, Yan Cook, advocates the Void brand knowing it can be relied upon for its trusted sound quality:

"It's always a pleasure to perform on a Void sound system - crystal clear and stunning sound. Void surprises me every time, in a very good way and gives more confidence on stage; the Arcline 8 system in Dali is no different.”

Further information about those involved in the installation can be found here:

Venue: https://www.facebook.com/dalicork

Installer: Sounds Good Systems – https://soundsgoodsystems.ie

Photo Credit: Philip Deasy

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