Nexus XL

Nexus XL

Single High Power 21" Low Frequency Enclosure

Key Features

  • Single high power 21" transducer
  • Five resonant chambers
  • Very high efficiency 
  • Fast transient response 

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This new low frequency enclosure expands upon the 5 resonant chamber theory as used in the ever popular Stasys X, a dual 18” low frequency enclosure which has been the backbone of many Void Acoustics installations around the world. Refining the design principle yet further has led to previously unimagined levels of performance. Transient response and articulation were two of the main design criteria to be addressed first. The use of a large transducer has provided very high levels of efficiency and an extended low frequency response, but a high moving mass can also lead to degradation in speed and articulation. Strengthening materials have been woven into the cone to provide superior strength whilst lowering the moving mass considerably. A new dual layer coil arrangement has also been deployed to increase both power handling and efficiency whilst lowering the total moving mass to that of a transducer with a much smaller shift. Both these measures have allowed the design to provide the transient response and delivery required for modern styles of music, yet retain the efficiency and extended low frequency response that only a very large transducer can provide.



Frequency Response30 Hz - 150 Hz ±3dB 
Effciency104 dB 1w/1m
Crossover PointHi Pass 30 Hz - 24 dB/oct
Impedance8 ohms
Power Handling2000 Watts AES
Maximum Output135 dB cont, 141 dB peak
Driver Configuration1 x 21"
DispersionArray dependant
Connectors2 x 4-pole SpeakON™
Height754 mm (29.7")
Width738 mm (29")
Depth860 mm (33.9")
Weight90 kg (198.4 lbs)

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

Image Gallery

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