Case Study

Studio 338

Venue: Studio 338

Location: London, England

Type: Club

"I have experienced sound systems all over the world and always preferred Void Acoustics installations. We chose Void Acoustics for Studio 338 because we wanted to bring something both sonically and aesthetically new to London. The support we have received from Void has been second to none. With our new roof we can finally unleash the full power of the Void Acoustics sound system and move into a new era of sonic perfection at Studio 338"

Dan Perrin - Manager, Studio 338

Void Acoustics and Studio 338 came together to create one of the most notable clubs London has to offer. 338 is the largest open space club in Greenwich, where we achieved incredibly high SPL in what is effectively an open space.

“We have done pretty well so far with some clever innovations from Void Acoustics to get the very best from what is, from an acoustic standpoint, in an outdoor arena in Zone 2 of London” Dan Perrin – Studio 338.

The problem was solved by deploying a bass array that focused bass on the dance floor while reducing off site noise to below ambient levels. The super wide coverage of Nexus 6 ensures even mid/high coverage for everyone attending 338's legendary parties. We’ve worked closely with the local authorities to ensure all neighbours are kept happy.

Alex Skan, director of Void Acoustics, explains: “Studio 338 is a unique space, and presented a lot of challenges. The club manager and owner knew what they wanted to achieve – it was our job to realise their expectations. They really liked the impact and sound quality of the Void system, however the main challenge was to prevent possible noise complaints. This was a mandatory requirement for the outdoor terrace area to succeed as a club experience.

“Using several acoustic techniques developed by Void, it was possible to get a high SPL arena in an outdoor area in the middle of London. Previously the club was only permitted to have 89dB on the dance floor; we managed to achieve levels in excess of 105dB, without any noise issues.”

"The sound is loud, clear and precise. It’s a special place to play” - VIVa Music label boss and regular at Studio 338 - Steve Lawler

Dan Perrin continues: “ The new roof was installed at Studio 338 in June of 2016 and we finally got a chance to open up the taps on our sound system. Our new roof is ten meters higher and made from a specialist triple-glazed, acoustically toughened glass that attenuates sound significantly even at the lowest sub-bass frequencies. It also includes a 180-degree wrap-around mezzanine above the terrace. It sounds amazing and retains the feeling of being outdoors but with better-regulated temperature, hugely improved sound and even more character aesthetically. With our new roof we can finally unleash the Void Acoustics sound system and move into a new era of sonic perfection at Studio 338.”

338 Boord Street
London SE10 0PF